About Us

Who we are:

Finn Striping and Parking Lot Painting is a Las Vegas, Nevada company that prides ourselves on one service – Parking lot re-striping/painting.  We have over 35 years of experience and have an excellent reputation in the industry for providing budget friendly jobs using high quality products.

We generally perform most work at night for the least disruption to your customers.   Once we arrive onsite, we do not leave until the work order is completed.  In the event of rain, we simply wait until it is safe to proceed.

Our service record:

Finn Striping and Painting has been trusted with over 6,500 jobs nationwide!  During this time, we have not experienced any of the following issues:
-Job injuries or lawsuits for or against
-Liens for or against or insurance claims
– Tax liens or bankruptcies

We are very proud of the above and know this is very hard to achieve and do this by providing only the highest possible customer service to our clients.

Products we use:

Finn Striping and Parking Lot Painting uses Sherwin Williams lead free hotline fast-dry EPA approved traffic paint or a comparable paint based on availability.  We use the Graco airless striping equipment, NOT some cheap labor that paints your parking lots.

Timely and exceptional service:

Our only service, and specialty, is re-striping.  This allows us to arrive on the job that has already been inspected and is ADA compliant, and re-stripe per the standing compliance and permits.

Our crews travel in motor homes with all tools, equipment, paint, etc. in an enclosed trailer.  We can be in multiple locations at the same time and always strive to provide exceptional customer service.

Our service coverage area is The United States, Canada and Mexico.